Qatar Youth Sports Cup®


This has been the motto of our event in Europe for 13 years. With the help of sports we connect people, teams, continents, we get to know and we respect each other’s diverse and in many cases different cultures.

The Qatar Youth Sports Cup® is the first venue of a traditional international youth sports event with an already existing history of 13 years; taking place outside of Europe. It will be organized on an annual basis for a minimum of 5 years with kick-off in February, 2019 with the minimum of 3,000 athletes + approximately 750 other foreign participants. By 2023 Qatar Youth Sports Cup® is expected to achieve that 12,000 athletes + approximately 3,000 other foreign participants arriving from 60 different countries of 5 continents will compete for 1 week. Our event consists of 4 different ball games: football, handball, basketball, volleyball; in 11 different age groups from U8 to U18.

Qatar, which is one of the safest countries in the entire Globe, is an ideal venue for our event, since it has a supreme climate, it is fit for the organization of an outdoors youth sports event on the Northern hemisphere during winter without having any competitor in the Middle East and Europe and has easy access from over 150 cities of the world with Qatar Airways.

The ambitious objective of the Qatar Youth Sports Cup® is that in time it will become one of the largest youth sport events in the World, specifically modeled after highly successful worldwide tournaments.

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